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Apple reportedly putting together team of speech recognition experts for neural network-powered Siri
The voice recognition revolution is almost here

Nuance Communications Explores Possible Sale

Tools for Developing
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Mobile Speech Applications
To promote the use of speech technologies in mobile applications, AVIOS has constructed a catalog of tools for developing speech-enabled mobile applications on mobile devices including Android, iPhone, and Windows phone. These tools include APIs, frameworks, and simulators for developing speech-enabled mobile applications. Mobile application developers can now review this catalog to identify available tools for developing speech-enabled applications easier.

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The Evolution of Speech Recognition

Meeting the demand for natural language interaction is becoming easier—and essential.

William Meisel

In her column "Building Smart Systems with Cognitive Computing" (Speech Technology, Spring 2014), Sara Basson argued that what people really want from speech recognition is speech understanding. Understanding implies that the software can take action on what is being said—i.e., interpreting what is intended by the speech rather than just displaying it, sometimes called natural language interpretation (NLI).

Speech understanding is exemplified by mobile personal assistants: Apple's Siri, Google's voice search, Microsoft's Cortana...

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Student Contest 2015

The AVIOS Student Speech Application Contest



Demonstrate your creativity and programming skills in voice-enabled and multimodal applications by entering the AVIOS Speech Application Development Contest. Develop a speech-mediated application by January 16, 2015 and win a cash prize of $500 and travel expenses for attending the Mobile Voice Conference in San Jose on April 20, 2015.

Details on contest participation
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Critical dates:
“Intent to submit” email by December 15, 2014
Application submitted by January 16, 2015
Winners notified by March 1, 2015
Winners announced April 20, 2015



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AVIOS – SIGdial Collaboration


SIGdialthe ACL’s Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue, has established a collaboration with both organization’s events.
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    Speech Technology Consortium

The STC is dedicated to helping increase innovation in speech recognition technology by fostering an environment of cooperation among companies, universities, and research institutions.  Learn more…