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Mobile Voice Conference 2014
Speech Industry News

2014 AFEKA Conference for
Speech Processing

Speech-Technology Company DynaVox Files for Bankruptcy

U.S. Patent Awarded to NovoSpeech for Speech Recognition Technology Innovation

Tools for Developing
Speech-enabled Mobile Applications

Mobile Speech Applications
To promote the use of speech technologies in mobile applications, AVIOS has constructed a catalog of tools for developing speech-enabled mobile applications on mobile devices including Android, iPhone, and Windows phone. These tools include APIs, frameworks, and simulators for developing speech-enabled mobile applications. Mobile application developers can now review this catalog to identify available tools for developing speech-enabled applications easier.

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Welcome to the Mobile Speech Apps.




Building Smarter Systems with Cognitive Computing

If speech technology is so valuable, why is adoption so slow?

Sara Basson

At the inception of speech technology invention, it was assumed that the technology would create a revolution in user interfaces. It has become clear that speech is an enabling technology, with less perceived value as a stand-alone offering. Its real value emerges from usages that benefit profoundly from the presence of speech.

Adoption has undergone a slower ascent than many of us would have predicted, for a number of reasons.

First, when people extol the value of speech-based applications, they are, for the most part, assuming...

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Student Contest 2014

The AVIOS Student Speech Application Contest
Announcement of Winners



AVIOS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 - 2014 Speech Application Contest. Twelve student groups submitted speech applications developed for a variety of platorms including Android, Apple iOS, and Voxeo Prophecy. AVIOS judges reviewed every application and assigned winners as shown below.

Best Application
Andrew Rosenbaum and Einar Froyen, Brandeis University
Advisor: Marie Meteer
Application: WorkoutLog (workout logger and tracker)

Sean Patrick Hogan, Linyu Dong, Anya Korneyeva, Brandeis University
Advisor: Marie Meteer
Application: VocaliT (Boston bus travel management)


AVIOS Press Releases

Press Releases



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Speech understanding technology will drive technology industry growth

Your company can be part of the tightening human-computer connection

AVIOS – SIGdial Collaboration


SIGdialthe ACL’s Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue, has established a collaboration with both organization’s events.
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    Speech Technology Consortium

The STC is dedicated to helping increase innovation in speech recognition technology by fostering an environment of cooperation among companies, universities, and research institutions.  Learn more…


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